Sunday, April 6, 2014

Hill week

I have a lot of blog catching up to do, and I have a lot of things that I really want to blog about. It's just finding the time to sit down and do it that is holding me back. Though I'll elaborate further in a separate post, one of the races I'm going to do this summer is Rev3 Morgantown in West Virginia. I'm going to do the 70.3 distance at the race, so I was checking out the course and elevation charts last weekend. They scared the life out of me, and I shared them with my coach and training partners. Tori is out of town in Paris (where she rocked her third marathon), and Beth immediately said, "San Antonio this weekend?"

San Antonio is a small town northeast of Tampa by about an hour, and it's really the only place with any kind of significant hills that are replicable over the course of a long training ride. We know we'll be spending a lot of time there this summer, but we decided to make a go of it this weekend to kick things off. Thus, this week was deemed 'hill week' in my head, because we also planned a bridge run.

The training in general this week was good, albeit not quite where it needs to be over the next few weeks. True Ironman training starts May 1st, so I need to start making doubles a more regular occurrence. Here's the breakdown:

Tuesday: 1:07 on the trainer at a moderate intensity. I didn't run because I walked around Epcot all day and was tired. I don't know how I forced myself onto the trainer.

Wednesday: 7 mile tempo run with 5 miles around 8:00/mile pace. I averaged 7:52 over the course of those 5 miles.

Thursday: 5 mile easy run. This easy run wasn't as bad as last week's.

Friday: Rode the trainer for an hour light/moderate then swam 1500 yards. I normally force myself to do 2000 yards at the least if I go to the pool, but I couldn't make myself to another lap, so I stopped.

Saturday: This was the day Beth and I went to San Antonio. We rode just under 50 miles and covered 1,856 feet of elevation gain, which is a TON to us. We were tired. I'm writing a separate post about this one. And to note, we're happy to report that this is more than half of the elevation gain in Ironman Chattanooga with less than half the distance.

Sunday: After 50 miles of biking hills the day before, we decided to run 10 miles of hills in Clearwater. We gained somewhere around 300 feet of elevation, which we realized is small, but it's more than the no gain that my normal routes consist of. Our pace was also 9:05, which was good with 4 bridges in there.

It's going to be a long summer with lots of hills, but hopefully as I keep riding and running them they will become less difficult and more normal to me. The run is already easier than it was when I started, because I've been running bridges quite a bit. It's the riding hills that I need to get better at.

Do you live in a hilly area? What would you say is "an average" amount of elevation gain? What, to you, is "a lot" of elevation gain? And if you answer that, where do you live? I'd love to compare.


Rick Stiles said...

For me, an average mile has 100 to 200 feet elevation gain. For my 15 mile run last October I chose a loop on the flattest ground I could and ended up with just under a 2200 foot gain. There are plenty of hills here in Santa Clarita, Ca. Basically, there are no flat spots. Looking forward to running in Winter Garden, Fl when I move there, but I know I'll miss my hills!

Keep up you great training, and attack those hills!

Katrina Elle said...

You are ROCKING your training girl!

Katrina Elle said...

You are ROCKING your training girl!

Abby said...

I think you are doing great. Hills are really hard for me because it is totally flat here.

Jenny Hodges said...

You are doing great! I live about 15 miles south of SA and have never rode out there!

Karen said...

I live between the coastal range of mountains and the ocean in far northern California. I'd say the average 5 miler (on roads) has between 300-500 ft. gain. On trails, where they are WAAAAAAAY hillier, the same run would probably have 1,500-3,000 ft. of gain.

You're getting really strong, girl. I think the combo bike/run thing works well for you. Awesome!

B.o.B. said...

I had lots of fun with you this weekend regardless of our wacky bike ride. lol! We will keep getting better at them thar hills. Great week lady!

Jamie said...

Great job with all of the hills!! We got some hills in this weekend on our run!

That West Virginia Rev3 race sounds pretty amazing!

Cassie said...

I am so excited you chose Morgantown. It is beautiful! You will love it! Let me know if you need any info about the area (I live in Morgantown). WV is the Mountain State. However, Morgantown isn't nearly as mountainous as some other areas. You will rock it! I am excited to hear about your training!!

Cassie said...

I am so excited you chose Morgantown. It is beautiful! You will love it! Let me know if you need any info about the area (I live in Morgantown). WV is the Mountain State. However, Morgantown isn't nearly as mountainous as some other areas. You will rock it! I am excited to hear about your training!!

Kristina said...

I live in SoCal which is quite hilly! It really depends on the ride and there are some flat areas, but it takes planning and coordination to hit a 'flat' route for the bike! While I wouldn't say that I love climbing, it's actually the one area when I pass people on the bike, so I should love it!

Kristen said...

I can't imagine there are too many hilly areas in Florida. I bet you were excited to switch it up and get in some good hill training - way to go! I have the opposite problem where I live in Oregon. It's very difficult to find any flat places to run or bike for a significant period of time. A typical 3 hour ride will usually have at least 2000ft of climbing any direction you go. It's great for training but some days you just want to ride flat and fast.

So fun following your training and seeing you evolve as an athlete!

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