Monday, April 21, 2014

Two Week Catch Up!

A recap of the last two week's of workouts shows a pretty good week two weeks ago and an awesome week this last week. I'm ready to start Ironman Training soon! And I'm really ready for a great race this weekend!
Last week's stats, because I don't feel like recapping it all and I don't think anyone cares if I don't:
26 miles running (strong 7 mile tempo on Wednesday, easy 5 miler Thursday, and 11 mile long run at 9:20 pace)
47 miles cycling (17 mile trainer ride, 38 mile long ride)
0 yards swimming 

I can't remember why I took at extra rest day, but last week I was a ball of stress and anxiety, so I think it had something to do with that. 
This week was very much the opposite of the hesitant weeks I have been having for the last few months. This week I was dedicated and motivated and every other upbeat and positive work that describes workouts. I feel like laying it out more, because I'm happy with it all and want to rehash it more for myself.

Tuesday: 1 hour on the trainer

Wednesday: 7 mile tempo run that wasn't pleasant. I have been feeling really great for the last week weeks of tempos at around an 8:00/mile pace or below, so when these miles were clicking in at 8:02-8:04 (last one 8:12) and hurting, I wasn't pleased. Oh well. It was warmer than it had been.

Thursday: Ran 5 easy. Again, these 5 didn't feel that easy. The pace was much slower, but my legs felt off.

Friday: I was out of school for Easter Friday and took full advantage of it to get everything in. I got up early (really, really early) to do a bridge ride with Tori and Beth and a group that meets early on Friday mornings. We got in 16.5 miles with 4 good sized hills. 
I'm small, but I don't think I'm quite as small as this picture makes it seem. I'm just standing a little further back.
When I got home after eating breakfast I waited a little while before heading out for 5 more miles, but this time I felt better and ran fartleks. I ended up with 5 miles at 8:44 pace.

Saturday: I met Tori at Suncoast, and it was sprinkling. It was predicted to sprinkle all morning, but it wasn't ever supposed to be worse than that so we rode anyways. We did 42 miles, and I averaged 17.8 pace. The last 10 I chased a guy down with the intention of catching him, and I did. Nothing like a little competitive motivation to round out a long ride.

We ran 4 miles right off the bike at a 9:30 pace.

Sunday: More bridges, but this time by foot. I used the hills as intervals and charged up and down. We got in 10 miles.
The week rounded out with:
31 miles running
75 miles riding
0 yards swimming

And that's that! St. Anthony's Olympic Triathlon is this weekend, so this week will be a little bit easier, I believe. I need to look at my training plan to make sure.

Hope you had a great week of training! What's on your plan for this week? Any races this weekend?


Nichole @ said...

If you could give your determination, that would be grrrreat. I seem to have lost mine.

B.o.B. said...

Good two weeks! You guys look cute in the bridge run pic! :)

Jamie said...

Congratulations on two great weeks! I always try to catch people if I feel like I can, it's great to have a little extra motivation.

I'm excited for your race this weekend!

Haley Duke said...

Nice Work Girlie!! Looks like a very productive few weeks.

Cupcake Kelly said...

Nice job! I love trying to catch people on a run!

Kristen Smith said...

Good luck this weekend! I am running the Country Music Half on Saturday so taking it easy this week also!

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